Welcome to the "Cornish Blacks" site.

Welcome to the "Cornish Blacks" site. The meat from this Rare Breed, the Cornish Large Black, is much appreciated for its succulent taste and eating qualities. If you are interested in purchasing our free-ranging, well fed & lovingly cared for pork, call Ruth +44 (0)7398 863816 to get Real Flavourful Pork, like your Grandparents ate.

The Large Black was founded mainly on the native stock of Devon and Cornwall, and is still known as the "Cornish Black" in many parts of the world. Sows have very good maternal qualities, and the breed is noted for its fecundity. The Guinness Book of Records lists a Large Black belonging to A M Harris of Lapworth, Warwickshire, as having produced the largest number of litters (26) between 1940 and 1952.

They are distinguished by their gigantic size, they are the largest of the kind I have ever seen, and as perfect a make as possible in pigs... their heads are large, with very long ears hanging down on each side of the face, so they can scarcely see their way.
Parkinson, 1810

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