The Large Black

Rare Breeds Survival Trust 2007 Watchlist; Category 3, Vulnerable - 400 WorldWide

The Large Black is a docile lop-eared animal, and its skin pigmentation helps it to resist sunburn, making it ideal for outdoor living. It produces pork of high quality which finds a ready outlet in specialist markets. This admirable versatile breed is extremely docile and hardy. Their placid temperament enables them to be easily contained by a single strand electric fence. The sows are excellent mothers with exceptional milking ability.

The Large Black Pig could be found throughout the British Isles. They were mainly kept in small herds, a few of which date back to well before World War 2. The Large Black Pedigree breed originates from the Old English Hog established in the 16th and 17th centuries.

The Large Black Pedigree breed was also very successful in the showring at this time: at Smithfield in 1919, the Supreme Championship was awarded to a Large Black sow that subsequently sold for 700 guineas. The same year the breed outnumbered all other breeds at the Royal Show when 121 Large Black pigs were exhibited.

Help Conservation - by eating the produce of rare breeds it encourages more people to keep more of them and therefore you will be helping to save rare breeds.

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