Our Pigs Welfare is our top priority..

We only supply our own home reared "Cornish Black" rare breed pigs, which are reared the traditional way, totally outdoors. They are allowed to not only "graze" our fine grass, but are allowed to root around under our trees in a natural way, turning over the ground and getting all the goodness they need from the roots and minerals. A small stream flows along the edge of their field, giving them access to fresh water.

We do not use chemicals or growth enhancements and we do not use any medications unless absolutely necessary. There is no need to use routine vaccinations as used in other rearing units due to conditions and clean ground our pigs are reared on.

We only farm the "Cornish Black" rare breed and they have a wonderful stress free life. They are allowed to mature slower, usually twice as long, then the meat is hung, (the only pig we know that you can hang) leading to a far superior tasting meat.

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